FBI Releases List Of Items In Search Warrant Against Mike Lindell

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Despite being instructed not to “disclose the existence” of the subpoena, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, shared information on an FBI search warrant for his cell phone.

Lindell, a fan of Donald Trump and one of the most renowned skeptics of a fair 2020 election, said that federal authorities had taken his cell phone on Tuesday while he was at a Hardee’s drive-through in Mankato, Minnesota.

Lindell claimed that the FBI questioned him on Tina Peters, a Colorado clerk who is being investigated for allegedly interfering with voting machines. The 2020 election skeptic Doug Frank and Dominion Voting Systems were also brought up, according to Lindell.

The CEO of MyPillow claimed during an appearance on his program, The Lindell Report, that he initially resisted handing over his phone and insisted on seeing a warrant from the federal officials.

Lindell claimed that after making a call to his attorney, he was encouraged to turn over his phone.

During the broadcast, Lindell provided a letter with the search warrant and claimed that a “suspected felony” is under official criminal investigation in Colorado. The document is from the United States Attorney District of Colorado.

Peters, a Mesa County clerk who ran for Colorado secretary of state in the GOP primary in June, entered a not-guilty plea to 10 felony and misdemeanor counts last week, including interfering with election machinery and official misconduct.

As Lindell was not required by law to do so, the letter asked him to refrain from disclosing information about the subpoena that had been issued against him because it would “be damaging to the investigation” surrounding Peters.

The letter is signed by Aaron Teitelbaum, an assistant US attorney, and states that he should inform him if Lindell feels he cannot comply with this request.

This is your notification that I’m informing the world about this garbage, Mr. Aaron Teitelbaum, so I hope you’re watching, Lindell remarked.

The search warrant that federal authorities had given Lindell on Tuesday was subsequently transmitted, along with attachments outlining the information the FBI sought to obtain from the MyPillow CEO.