FBI Chief Exposed As Vocally Anti-Trump

A recent whistleblower report suggests that top-ranking FBI officials instructed Jeffrey Veltri, the newly appointed head of the Miami field office, to delete his anti-Trump posts from his social media accounts. The instruction was allegedly given by FBI Director Christopher Wray, Executive Assistant Director Jennifer Moore Deputy and Director Paul Abbate, to present Veltri as a non-partisan figure during his promotion.

The whistleblower report, submitted to the House Judiciary Committee and subsequently obtained by The Washington Times, indicates that Veltri’s pronounced anti-Trump sentiments were well-known within the bureau. The fact that President Donald Trump’s residence falls under the Miami Field Office’s jurisdiction added to the situation’s sensitivity.

The submission further states that Veltri’s anti-Trump comments were overlooked during the decision-making process to ensure no signs of political bias were evident during his promotion. Kurt Siuzdak, a former FBI agent and an attorney representing the whistleblower, expressed concern with the FBI’s focus on Donald Trump, emphasizing the necessity for unbiased investigations.

Interestingly, Veltri’s role extended beyond his anti-Trump sentiments. He acted as the deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Security Division, supervising the suspension of agents’ security clearances if they were perceived as ‘right-wing radicals’.

The allegations brought forward by the whistleblower have prompted calls for an investigation, notably from Chris Swecker, former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division during the Bush administration.

However, the FBI dismissed the whistleblower’s credibility, labeling the allegations ‘demonstrably false.’ The bureau defended Veltri’s appointment through a competitive process and emphasized his commitment to impartially carrying out the FBI’s mission.

Additional whistleblower accounts accuse Veltri of attempting to dismiss agents considered ‘radical’ or ‘disloyal,’ those who may have supported Trump, declined COVID-19 vaccination, or those with religious affiliations. Veltri is also accused of trying to revoke the security clearances of U.S. veterans deemed too radical.

In response to these allegations, the FBI reiterated its commitment to upholding the rights of employees to express their political views and the protections offered to whistleblowers, stating, “We do not target or take adverse action against employees for exercising their First Amendment rights or political views.”