FBI Admits SETUP – Reveals What They Did At January 6th…

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) admitted to the New York Times in September 2021 that they had operatives and informants that attended the January 6 2021 rally outside of the Capitol.

This information has not been referenced in the theatrical January 6 hearings.

The FBI reportedly attempted to recruit a veteran, Jeremy Brown, to work for them as an operative on January 6, but he refused. He has been sitting in a Florida prison for seven months without a trial on a misdemeanor charge.

The Times described one informant, who was a member of the Proud Boys, breaching the Capitol while keeping an agent updated on what was going on. They caveat that informants that they do not know why he was cooperating or whether he could have “deliberately misled the government.”

As the January 6 hearings continue, many questions still linger, like who is Ray Epps? Ray Epps was a provocateur seen in a video prior to the protest talking about storming the Capitol. Another video taken on January 6 shows Epps saying “Okay, folks, spread the word! As soon as the president is done speaking, we go to the Capitol. The Capitol is this direction.”

Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department will answer who Epps is or explain why he was removed as a person of interest. The select committee that was apparently investigating January 6 reportedly denied that Epps was a federal agent or operative.

Videos surfaced showing demonstrators breaking the windows of the Capitol to get in; however, alongside them are other reports and videos corroborating that Capitol police invited them in.

Whether or not Representative Nancy Pelosi or D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser denied the request of then-President Trump to have the National Guard present ahead of the protest has yet to be answered conclusively. An ex-Capitol Police Chief claimed that the National Guard was denied six times, according to NPR.