FBI Accused Of Ramping Up Spying On Americans

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Ankush Khardori, a journalist and former federal prosecutor, said on Wednesday that the FBI’s monitoring of the American population has intensified due to the events of January 6.

Khardori believes that significant occurrences, such as the January 6 revolt, elicit a robust response from law police and the administration.

The former federal prosecutor also chastised the FBI for failing to prevent pro-Donald Trump protesters from storming the Capitol in an attempt to reverse the election’s certification.

He believes there are several unanswered concerns regarding the FBI’s conduct that should be addressed before they go about obtaining all kinds of new information. While it may be legal, privacy activists have legitimate worries about it.

The FBI has been chastised for failing to notice warning signs on social media that Trump supporters were planning an uprising on January 6.

In November, the agency defended its activities, with many agents claiming that many of the online warning signals were legal free expression and aspirational in nature.
Khardori linked the current developments to the events of 9/11 when the United States failed to avert a devastating terrorist assault on its soil.

The tragedy led to significant changes in the U.S., including increased data collection from federal authorities like the National Security Agency.
Khardori said federal agencies are repeating mistakes, likely because of little oversight from congressional lawmakers.

“This is not an unusual pattern,” he said. “The real long-term problem here has been one of oversight in the Congress.”

Many people believe that the United States is fundamentally a police state. Prosecutors allege in court that they have classified information and evidence against a defendant and that the defendant is not entitled to see it.

They gather evidence and information however they see fit, knowing that the courts may reject the case due to legal technicalities such as a lack of evidence. As a result, they conduct reverse engineering and collect data they already have through other means, then use the alleged data source to prosecute and charge defendants with evidence they cannot defend.