Fani Willis Pulls Race Card Amid Red-Hot Trump Tensions

According to Thursday’s New York Times article, former President Donald Trump’s lawyer accused Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ staff of racism after he criticized them for not responding to his emails in a heated dispute last week.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys exchanged heated emails after Trump lawyer Steven Sadow became irate with Willis’ team for ignoring an earlier request; in response, Willis allegedly stated some people would never be able to respect African Americans, as seen in the emails obtained by the NYT.

A source informed the Daily Caller News Foundation that Sadow had inquired whether Senator Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who chairs the Jan. 6 Committee, had reacted to the letter Willis sent to the committee in December 2021.

The executive district attorney on Willis’s team, Daysha Young, responded five days later, saying that they are both aware, especially as an African American woman, that some find it challenging to treat us respectfully.

Willis, who indicted Trump for suspected meddling in the state’s 2020 election, was investigated by House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk in early December 2023 for allegedly “colluding” with the Jan. 6 Committee.

The letter Sadow asked in the email chain is the basis for the Republican probe. Transcripts and recordings of witness depositions, electronic and print records of communications, interviews, and records of travel were among the documents that Willis asked the Jan. 6 Committee to provide.

The New York Times stated that Young explained why she chose not to answer certain emails: she found them offensive.

Sadow retorted that Young’s racist accusations in the email conversation were offensive, uncalled for, and untrue and that her choice not to reply suggests a degree of arrogance.

In response, Willis said in the legal community (and the world at large), some people will never be able to respect African Americans and women as their equals and counterparts.

Willis went on to imply on Sunday that the recent claims that she had inappropriate contact with Nathan Wade—a special counsel connected with Trump’s prosecution who her office had paid—were motivated by bigotry. The claims of Willis’ relationship will be considered during a hearing on February 15 by the judge presiding over Trump’s lawsuit.