Famous Pollster Tells Democrats They Can’t Rely On Obama For Support Anymore

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Stanley Greenberg, a well-known Democratic pollster, has warned that the Democrats could see a mass exodus of working-class voters of color in an opinion piece for American prospect.

Greenberg said that the party is at risk of losing the working-class vote and that bringing out former President Barack Obama won’t be the answer to the problem.

“After studying working-class voters for nearly four decades, I believe the trajectory can be shifted or reversed,” he said. “But there is no room for error. There is no room for fools.”

The obvious answer here for the Democrats is to stop promoting Critical Race Theory and woke extremism, isn’t it? But will the Democrats have the bravery to do that in today’s political climate?

In his piece, Greenberg also warned that rolling out high-profile Democrat names like Barack Obama didn’t have a great effect on turning out Democrat voters, but it did motivate Republican voters to get out there and vote for GOP candidates.

Greenberg has long documented the support of working-class voters for the Democratic party. He even coined the term “Reagan Democrats” to refer to Democrats who voted for John Kennedy in 1960, only to go on to become Republican voters in the age of Ronald Reagan.

His warning rings true, too. A new poll out of Florida shows how Republican Governor Ron DeSantis achieved 50% support among Hispanic voters. Former President Donald Trump made massive gains among Latino voters in 2020, too.

If the Republicans continue down their current path, they’ll be the multi-racial working-class party that the Democrats never quite managed. And the Democrats could be finished.

Presumably, that’s why they’re pushing so hard for amnesty of tens of millions of illegal aliens who will likely become Democrat voters in the future.

Read Greenberg’s full piece here.