Failed Democrat Says His Party Has Become “Toxic”

( )- Failed Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan recently suggested that voters are turned off by the Democrat Party’s “toxic” brand of politics.

During a recent appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” last month, the former Democrat congressman said that in many areas of the country, the “Democrat brand” has become “toxic.”

To prove his point, Ryan brought up the case of a sitting Ohio Supreme Court Justice who, in 2020, won her election to the court easily. But after Ohio changed the law requiring a candidate’s party affiliation to appear on the ballot, in 2022, that sitting justice was easily defeated.

Ryan told host Bill Maher that the Democrat politicians who “take the bait” by defending such cultural issues as critical race theory ignore the fact that most parents want their children to be taught “reading, writing, arithmetic.” And when Democrats are defending cultural issues, they aren’t discussing jobs, safety, pensions, or other issues voters care about.

Maher noted that part of the Republican Party’s criticism of education is true, including the GOP’s claim that taxpayer money is spent on teaching children that America is “evil.”

In the 2022 Ohio Senate race, Tim Ryan lost to Republican J.D. Vance by 8 points.

Ryan briefly ran for president in 2020, portraying himself as a moderate and populist who wasn’t afraid to stand up to the Democratic Party establishment. But with the Democrat Party fully embracing “woke” Leftism, Ryan’s presidential campaign sputtered out quickly.

After the 2016 election, Ryan tried and failed to unseat Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the House Democrats.

Throughout his 2022 Senate campaign, Ryan billed himself as a moderate who was willing to stand up to his party’s leadership, but Vance’s campaign was quick to point out that the “moderate” Ryan supported Pelosi and Biden’s agenda 100 percent of the time.