Facebook Headquarters Targeted For Online Censorship

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Facebook is at the center of a fresh storm over its censorship, and this time it’s not conservatives doing the protesting. Dozens of medical tattooists appeared outside of Facebook’s central London headquarters in England on Wednesday to protest the platform’s algorithm that censors photographs of their work because they are considered “sexual.”

The medical artists and cancer survivors gathered outside of the officers, some dressed as giant breasts, to protest the social media platform’s refusal to allow them to share images and information about the treatment.

The primary organizer of the campaign was the World Medical Artists. In a statement, the organization said that their frustration comes from “artists being unable to show the world how incredible you can look after breast cancer.”

Medical tattooists have perfected the art of tattooing realistic-looking nipples onto women’s breasts after undergoing breast cancer surgery. It is an important part of recovery for many people, but for those looking for an online community, they may struggle on Facebook.

The World Medical Artists group said that the images of their work are important, are not pornographic, and yet are still regularly removed by Facebook. They even claimed that profiles are being deactivated by Facebook for continuing to post the images.

“Breast cancer patients do not know that there is an army of artists on their doorstep!” the statement added.

Vicky Martin, one of the other leaders of the campaign, said that she has been tattooing nipples for cancer survivors for the last 15 years and that their social media profiles have been restricted every time she posts her work. She said that what she does needs to “stand out” – and if it requires protesting wearing “giant inflatable boobs, then so be it.”

We’re sure this is another anti-censorship campaign our readers can support!