Facebook Executives Failed To Stop Extremism From Going Viral

(RoyalPatriot.com )- For all the talk that Facebook promotes “right-wing misinformation,” it turns out that the social media platform is actually helping the spread of Islamic extremist content online.

A new report from the Institute of Strategic Dialogue has shown that Facebook, which purposely suppressed the legitimate story of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop containing disturbing information about the Biden family and their foreign business dealings, is actually allowing Islamic State and Taliban material on their website.

The report explained how some posts were tagged as “engaging” and “insightful” via new Facebook tools that promote community interaction, even though those posts contained videos of Islamic suicide attacks, murders, and other atrocities that have been recorded in recent years. Some of the posts are explicitly threatening to Western countries and people, too, and groups that share this content have as many as 100,000 members.

Furthermore, competing Islamic Shia and Sunni groups on Facebook trolled one another by posting disturbing photographs, obscene images, and even pornography on each others’ groups in the hope that Facebook would get rid of their pages.

Let’s just sum that up: extremist Islamic groups were posting gruesome photos and videos promoting terrorism, and yet they posted pornography in the hope that Facebook would take action and remove each others’ Facebook pages.

According to Facebook, there is a blanket ban on the promotion of Islamist terror organizations, but according to internal documents from the website shared by Politico, Facebook does allow pages representing the Taliban government of Afghanistan to share content on their platform.

So whenever a Democrat tells you Facebook promotes “right-wing misinformation,” remind them of the atrocities that Facebook allows to be promoted on its platform every single day…