“Experts” Panic As Future Involving Ron DeSantis Becomes Extremely Likely

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Ron DeSantis has become the most dangerous Republican in America and hasn’t even run for president. Given the spotlight on Donald Trump and the five-alarm conflagration he symbolizes for the American political system, that takes some work. There’s a cadre that claims Trump is inconsequential compared to Tallahassee’s threat.

Max Boot said in the Washington Post that DeSantis is more intelligent than Trump. He might grow more dangerous. Two MSNBC opinion pieces say Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is more dangerous than Donald Trump.

And an “expert” on fascism called DeSantis a “very dangerous man” since he has “all Trump’s lessons” but no baggage.

In a ”depressing” profile on DeSantis, Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine said, “Think what a Trumpified party not led by an unstable, unpopular cable-news binge-watcher could do.”

Yes, if the torch is passed, we’ll all look back on the good old days when a major political party was led by someone obsessed with a presidential election he lost and tried to overturn rather than a capable, well-liked Sunbelt governor who has never plotted to change election results and likely never will.

Does the left feel that populist conservatism poses a more significant threat to our democracy than Trump’s 2020 election sabotage?

DeSantis would be a more considerable menace than Trump if he won the 2024 election and led the country successfully.

On January 6, as his SUV took him back to the White House instead of the U.S. Capitol, Trump may or may not have grabbed the wheel. DeSantis had just signed a law that banned educating K–3 students about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trump promotes election-related conspiracies and endorses politicians who do; DeSantis criticized Anthony Fauci.

DeSantis symbolizes a new, more Trump-like Republican Party with his aggressive press demeanor, emphasis on culture, and ability to win over Trump followers.

This year’s state-of-the-state speech by DeSantis, which focused on freedom, might have been made by a conservative Republican governor 30 years ago.

His retort to Covid is his business card. He suggested balancing public health measures with economic activities and on-site teaching. He defended individual choice practically wherever he went, whether to operate a corporation, wear a mask, or be vaccinated.

Resistance to “woke” schooling is another issue. Some of this has been questioned on free speech grounds, but government institutions should be allowed to obey its principles. The laws’ stated purpose is progressive excesses that are hardly required for a proper education.

This shows DeSantis as a partisan with a sharp elbow rather than a clear and present threat to American democracy. None of it comes close to equaling what Trump attempted after the 2020 election.

DeSantis shares some of Trump’s attributes, but not his worst.

He’s stern with reporters but never taunts or insults. He’s not motivated by personal grudges. He hasn’t been governed by Twitter, overturning, or hasty judgments. He’s a voracious reader and seldom makes ignorant remarks. He hasn’t shown an incapacity to differentiate between public and private interests.

He’s never lost an election to Joe Biden and has never disputed the result out of vanity or bitterness.
The left fears DeSantis.