Expert Reveals College’s Dark Secret

( )- A research director from the American Economic Liberties Project last week called higher education a “scam” and said the high cost of college sets students up for failure.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Matt Stoller said a college degree is unnecessary in some fields and the “financial aspects” of higher education “have overwhelmed the ability to create a citizenry on a very basic level,” adding that it is a “slow-burning crisis” that the country needs to address.

Stoller believes the high tuition rates at elite universities are a moneymaking “scam,” only he still can’t figure out “what that scam is.” But whatever scam they’re running, “that’s what’s causing this problem,” Stoller said.

Stoller told Fox that he believes the purpose of schooling is to create citizens and “build a moral, self-governing society” in addition to helping people find a job and “build a life.” But he believes in the current climate, “we’re falling down on all counts” and the country needs to figure out why.

He said colleges have become a “mess” due to “administrative bloat” that saddles students with debt. He added it isn’t possible to be a good citizen when you leave school carrying a lot of debt since “you are now a dependent of someone else.”

Citing the high cost of tuition to attend Columbia Journalism School, Stoller questioned why anyone would need a degree to get a job in journalism. He said the high cost of journalism school proves that it is “a credentialing mechanism for a social class” rather than a “practical way to think about free expression in a democracy.”

Stoller pointed out that journalism was once a “working-class profession,” adding that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to write a news article. He said all you have to do is figure out what’s happening and “write it down.” And all that’s needed to do that is a high school degree, Stoller added.