Expert Drops “Real” Reason Nancy Pelosi Went To Israel

( )- In a recent opinion piece for The Jerusalem Post, writer Micah Halpern argued that Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Israeli parliament last week had a secret purpose. While one would assume that the primary reason for visiting Israel is receiving security briefings, Halpern argued that it’s only “partially true.”

Last week, both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and high-profile Republican Senator Lindsey Graham visit Israel. Pelosi traveled with seven other Democratic legislators.

In the piece, Halpern says that trips like this are always a “whirlwind” and a “two-way street,” with foreign politicians coming to Israel to show solidarity with the country, and Israel having the opportunity to whisk high-profile U.S. legislators through a multitude of briefings. This time, much of the time spent briefing those legislators was spent focusing on Iran, the threat it poses to Israel and the West, and the possibility of Iran coming back into compliance with the Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

“It’s no secret that Israel did not like the original nuke deal. And this new, watered-down, weaker version is even more worrisome and less popular within Israeli political circles,” Halpern said.

The meeting, according to the writer, was “essential” for the Democrats. It showed pro-Israel voters in the United States that the Democrats aren’t abandoning America’s ally, and proved to be a “public pronouncement to voters that in the almost imminent, upcoming, midterm elections Dems are not represented by the Squad.”

In other words, the only reason Pelosi even cares to visit is that it shows Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a multitude of other extreme-left legislators aren’t in control of the party.

Shouldn’t the Democrats be doing more domestically, too, to prove to the American people that they’re worthy of their votes in this year’s midterms?

Read the full, scathing article here.