Ex Trump Official Says It’s Only A “Matter Of Time” Before Unvaccinated Hit By New Variant

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Joining the chorus of fearmongering over the less deadly delta variant of COVID-19 is former Trump COVID testing czar Brett Giroir. Last Thursday in an interview with Fox News, Giroir urged those who have not received the vaccine to get vaccinated quickly, arguing that it is “just a matter of time” before every unvaccinated person becomes infected with the delta variant.

Giroir argued that the possible side-effects from the vaccines “pale in comparison” to getting infected with the delta variant of COVID, adding that because it is much more transmissible, the delta variant poses a greater risk than the potential side effects from the vaccine.

Giroir also said that while having COVID-19 previously may provide natural immunity, it is still not clear how long this immunity lasts. He claims that “evidence is mounting” that not even natural immunity will protect someone against the delta variant.

Comparing COVID to the flu, Giroir contends that someone can get the flu every year, not because immunity isn’t good, but because the flu mutates, and the same is the case with the delta variant which is “really a new strain” that’s different from what has come before.

Giroir concludes by saying anyone without natural immunity who is unvaccinated will most certainly contract the delta variant.

Clearly “experts” have decided the best course of action to increase vaccination rates is to scare people over a variant that is far less deadly than the original COVID virus. While incidents of infection are rising in some areas, hospitalization and death rates have not risen along with them.

The mixed messaging continues as well. On the one hand, they are urging the “vaccine hesitant” to get the shots, but on the other hand are warning that even the vaccinated can contract and spread the delta variant.

It’s almost as if the objective isn’t to get people vaccinated, so much as it is to justify returning to COVID restrictions and lockdowns – driving Americans back into their homes just in time for the 2022 Midterm primary season.

Last week it was reported that the Department of Justice is threatening to sue any state that returns to pre-pandemic election rules. Could the fearmongering over the delta variant be nothing more than a pretense for forcing through the same mass mail-in voting in 2022 that Democrats exploited in 2020?