Ex-Husband Of Jill Biden Discusses ‘Dangerous’ Biden Family

The ex-husband of the first lady is coming forward to discuss the “dangerous” Biden family, according to The Daily Caller. He called the Bidens a “crime family” and said that he was threatened in the midst of his divorce from Jill. 

The story that the president and first lady tell about how they met has been reportedly faked. The truth, according to Bill Stevenson, Jill’s ex-husband, is that they met in the 1970s because she was having an affair. The couple were working on Biden’s first campaign in 1972, the same year that Biden lost his wife and daughter in a car crash. 

The couple got close to the senator and Stevenson said that he knew they were having an affair when she declined meeting Bruce Springsteen, instead saying that she had to watch Beau and Hunter. 

“I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly,” Stevenson said. He continued to say that one of Jill’s best friends came to him saying that she thought Jill and Biden were getting too close to one another. After their divorce, Jill and Biden got married and began to say that they met on a blind date. 

Stevenson went on to say that Frankie Biden approached him during the divorce and threatened him to give the house to Jill. When he did not, he said that he and his brother were indicted for a tax charge of $8,200. He said that he was baffled by how Biden could leverage the Justice Department and suggested that what happened to him is what Biden is doing to former President Donald Trump. 

He said that the Bidens have been going after him for over 30 years and that the reason he is coming forward is because he loves President Trump.