Ex-Boyfriend Who Ordered Acid Attack on TV Presenter Set to Walk Free

Depending on the outcome of a parole hearing later this month, the man responsible for ordering the acid assault on Katie Piper, the model/television personality, may be released.

In March 2008, Katie’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lynch, had a guy named Stefan Sylvestre throw acid over the actress, leaving a permanent scar on the famous Loose Women panelist.

In 2009, a life sentence with a minimum of six years was handed down to Sylvestre. In 2018, he was granted parole. 

Lynch, on the other hand, was sentenced to life in prison with a mandatory minimum of sixteen years in May 2009.

The court ruled that the two planned and then executed an act of calculated and deliberate evil while prosecuting them.

But now it has come to light that Lynch will have a secret parole hearing later this month as the completion of his minimum term draws near. It will be held on July 23 and 24.

Parole Board decisions are entirely based on the danger a parolee poses to society upon release, according to the board.

The decision to grant him parole can be appealed.

Katie described the sensation of being “burned in hell” when acid was thrown at her in a victim impact statement she wrote after the incident. It was a terrible, unimaginable agony. She said a piece of her has died and will never be recovered; now all that’s left is a hollow shell.

The romance between Lynch and Katie began in February 2008. But he became controlling and possessive very quickly, and in a hotel room in London, he assaulted her. She ended their relationship, and he called her nonstop after that. After they broke up, he allegedly became pathologically jealous.

On March 31, Lynch was walking along a street in Golders Green, North London, talking on the phone with Katie when Sylvestre hurled sulfuric acid at her.