Ethics Complaint Filed Against Biden Energy Secretary

( )- Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is the subject of an ethics complaint alleging that she used her position in the Biden administration to promote an electric vehicle company for which she once sat on the board and held over a million dollars in stock.

Before she became Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm was a board member and major stockholder in a California-based electric bus company called Proterra. Granholm held 240,520 shares in Proterra which she didn’t divest until 157 days after her nomination. The total value of her holdings when sold was $1.6 million.

While Congress was crafting the so-called “bipartisan” Infrastructure bill, Granholm was using her position to both promote Proterra and to hype grant access to companies connected to Proterra.

Included in the Infrastructure bill are millions of dollars in grants to green vehicles, zero-emission buses, and the creation of a network of 500,000 car-charging stations throughout the country.

Proterra stands to benefit significantly from the Biden administration’s electric vehicle spending.

Less than two months after Granholm was confirmed as Secretary of Energy, President Biden went to visit an electric vehicle plant to promote his green agenda.

Guess which electric vehicle plant he visited? Yup. Proterra.

And after Biden’s visit, Proterra’s stock value increased.

But Granholm hadn’t divested of her shares in Proterra yet. So when she finally got around to selling them, she made out like a bandit.

After Republican lawmakers began connecting the dots between Biden’s green energy push and Granholm’s failure to divest from Proterra, on May 7, more than two months after she was confirmed, Granholm was granted an ethics waiver from the Office of Government Ethics allowing her to sell off her 240,520 shares in Proterra.

The waiver permitted Granholm to defer capital gains taxes if she sold the Proterra stock and reinvested the money into a “permitted property” within 60 days.

In late May, Granholm’s shenanigans caught the attention of the government watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust who began tracking the energy secretary’s promotion of Proterra-linked green energy initiatives. And on November 12, PPT lodged an official complaint with the US Department of Energy’s Office of the Inspector General requesting an immediate investigation into whether Granholm has been using her position to financially benefit Proterra.