Establishment RINO Named Tucker Carlson As Cause For Lack Of War Interest

( )- Nominal Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger has fully embraced the “everyone who disagrees with me is a Russian apologist” narrative made famous by Adam Schiff.

Kinzinger is among the lawmakers who are banging the war drums and urging for US intervention in Ukraine. And over the weekend, he accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of having “an affection for authoritarianism” for not wanting to expend US blood and treasure to go to war with Russia.

During an appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, host Margaret Brennan expressed surprise that among conservatives there is a “trend” to oppose military invention in Ukraine. Brennan notes that “standing up to Russia” has long been a bipartisan position. But now, “Trump-oriented” Republicans aren’t standing up to Russia.

Already, Brennan has established a straw man.

This isn’t about not standing up to Russia. This is about not wanting the United States to get dragged into a war that is not in our national interest.

But it didn’t matter. Kinzinger, happy to have the straw man to smack around, ran with it.

He told Brennan that this never would have happened five years ago. But now a “significant number” of people are siding with Russia, including Tucker Carlson.

Kinzinger claimed Carlson talks about “how great Vladimir Putin is” (he doesn’t), and how Ukraine is a part of Russia.

And while Kinzinger thinks some people are just too naïve to understand foreign policy, Tucker is different. Tucker, the dope from Illinois claimed, is backing Putin because he has “an affection for authoritarianism.”

If Tucker Carlson had an “affection for authoritarianism,” he probably would be cheerleading for Justin Trudeau right about now. But he isn’t, is he?

Do you get the feeling that Kinzinger has never watched a single minute of Tucker Carlson’s program? From his ignorant remarks, it’s likely Kinzinger’s “information” about Tucker Carlson came from Media Matters or Brian Stelter.

Opposition to military involvement in Eastern Europe isn’t about siding with Russia over Ukraine. And it isn’t about having “affection” for Putin.

It’s about not wanting the United States to get dragged into another pointless war.