Eric Bolling Given Prime Spot At Newsmax, Says He’s Coming For Tucker Carlson

( )- Newsmax TV’s Eric Bolling, host of The Balance, has been given the prime-time spot at 8 p.m. which started Tuesday, June 14. Bolling encouraged viewers to get their “daily dose of common sense and knowledge with a healthy dose of snark.”

The current 8 p.m. slot is hosted by Grant Stinchfield, who was dragging behind both CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Bolling announced the move during his afternoon slot last Friday, taking aim at other hosts, including Anderson Cooper, Chris Hayes, and Fox’s Tucker Carlson. “Tucker, coming after you, pal,” he said, “got you in our sights.”

That’s a pretty big sight.

Compared to Tucker Carlson Tonight, Bolling’s The Balance recently brought in around 245,000 viewers, whereas Carlson netted nearly 3.3 million viewers, according to Tuesday’s cable ratings. Minus a few million, Bolling is doing very well. Compared with Bolling’s Monday rating, that marks a 20,000 viewer increase.

Carlson reportedly has the largest watched show among Democrats in the 25-54 year old demographic, pulling in just over 100,000 viewers a night, ahead of Rachel Maddow and Fox’s The Five. Whether Democrats actually enjoy him or hate him so much that they must watch is anybody’s guess.

Bolling’s sights being set on Tucker comes after he commented that the Fox host was pushing falsehoods in regards to the Ukraine war, suggesting he has gone too far. He said that because Russia is on the wrong side of history, then saying anything contrary to that means that we too are on the wrong side of history.

Bolling moved to Newsmax when he was let go from Fox News in 2017 after sexual allegations surfaced. He denied any sexual misconduct.