Environmental Extremists Arrested At White House

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last week a group of radicals protested outside of the White House, blocking all ten entrances to the White House grounds. The radicals were angry about the infrastructure bill President Biden had negotiated with Republican Senators. So they organized online and converged on the White House to make their demands.

Oddly, it wasn’t called an “Insurrection.”

Mostly because the radicals were from the Climate Hysteric environmental group The Sunrise Movement.

This is the same group that in late 2018 stormed the Capitol and laid siege to incoming Speaker Pelosi’s office demanding that she act on Climate Change.

Oddly that wasn’t called an “Insurrection” either.

In both last week’s White House incident and the 2018 incident in Nancy Pelosi’s office, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was part of the melee.

In February 2019, Sunrise Movement activists were also arrested after storming the Russell Senate Office Building – also not an example of an Insurrection.

During Monday’s failed storming of the White House, the Sunrise Movement claims that “dozens” of its army of activists were arrested by the Secret Service.

Oddly, none of them are being kept behind bars with no bail while they await pre-trial hearings; and thus far the FBI hasn’t begun posting video captures of their faces for social media to help identify them.

Funny how that happens.

Promoting the Green Insurrection on its website, the Sunrise Movement vowed that whether they are inside or outside the White House, “Biden is going to hear our demands.”

Apparently, they liked that threat so much, they repeated it when posting video of their march to the White House on Twitter.

They chanted “shut it down” as they made their way to the barricades in front of a White House entrances.

The radicals are demanding President Biden include funding for something called the “civilian climate corps.” That’s radical environmental speak for “federal jobs program to combat climate change.”

No word on whether the “civilian climate corps” job description includes blocking the path of a hurricane while screaming “Shut it down!”

While the majority of Americans don’t care a bit about “Climate Change” and are deeply skittish about a federal “Green New Deal,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki wanted the environmental radicals to know that, contrary to their claims, President Biden’s infrastructure plans are loaded with stuff to combat climate change.

That’ll go over well in the Rust Belt.

In addition to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, fellow Squad members Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush were also in attendance during this Green Insurrection.

Oddly, the House is not demanding they be expelled from Congress.

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