Elvis’ Relative Runs Against Tate Reeves In Mississippi

Reports show that the incumbent Republican governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, has been reelected despite a vigorous challenge from the Democrat candidate, Brandon Presley.

With his win, Reeves will continue the Republican Party’s dominance of the governor’s mansion in Mississippi, which has already lasted for 20 years.

Reports show Presley, the second cousin to Elvis Presley, ran on a platform of extending Medicaid in the poorest state in the country and upholding the state’s strict abortion restriction.
In addition to his role as mayor of Nettleton, Mississippi, Presley has served since 2008 on the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

According to a report, this may not be Presley’s final bid for statewide office.

After losing to Republican incumbent Governor Tate Reeves on Tuesday by less than 5%, he was not ruling out trying again in 2027.

On election night, after conceding to the incumbent Reeves, Presley gave hints that he could try again for governor. When asked whether he would run again, Presley said he was not leaving politics. He stated it was still too early to determine precisely what his political outlook for the future would be.

Although Reeves garnered the fewest votes (408,599) of any Republican challenger, Republicans have prevailed in all six races for governor in this century. Haley Barbour established the previous record low in 2007, which was 430,000.

It has been brought up in conversation that Reeves would want to do away with Mississippi’s personal income tax. He was successful in lowering income taxes the previous year with the assistance of the Legislative Branch.

In the past, he has said that there would be a rise in the population of Mississippi if he were successful in implementing his proposal to do away with the state’s income tax, akin to the states of Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.