Elon Musk Will Likely Meet Liberal Resistance As He Pushes For Big Tech Free Speech

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, bulldozed his way onto Twitter’s board of directors in less than 24 hours after obtaining a 9.2 percent stake in Monday morning’s social media site. This makes him the company’s largest owner and one who isn’t content to be a “passive” investor.
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s $3 billion surprise investment came only weeks after he began increasingly criticizing the platform for its flimsy commitment to free expression in messages to his 80 million Twitter followers, even considering starting his rival platform.
Musk has previously stated that as the company’s top shareholder, he will fight for new regulations and greater “free expression” on the social media site.
Employees at Twitter are scared, and tech observers have been speculating about what the tycoon hopes to gain out of his acquisition. He already has his hands full with other major initiatives.
Musk spent just 1% of his total fortune to become an influential player in the world of social media. He has the most significant stake in a platform that is now critical to spreading news and opinion across the English-speaking globe.
This is upsetting leftists who have a stranglehold on Twitter.
Leftist observers feel this move highlights the limitations of user-led initiatives to reform specific Twitter regulations, such as the restriction of hate speech. They whine because hundreds of thousands of Twitter micro-complaints are likely to be eclipsed by the worries and interests of a billionaire who can single-handedly redefine its doctrine.
In other words, it is all good when hundreds of thousands of Twitter micro-complaints from leftists single-handedly get hundreds of thousands of conservatives bounced off the platform for the crime of saying, for instance, Hunter Biden has a “laptop from hell.”
People are banned from Twitter for promoting disinformation that most people knew was true, and no one could save them.

Leftists said, “Hey, it’s a private business. Their platform, their rules.”
Good to know.
Enter Elon Musk. It may very well, one day, be his platform and his rules.
The right does not see him as scary. The right sees him as a possible champion of free speech and not just the speech the left approves.