Elon Musk Turns Off Popular Antifa Account

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Elon Musk suspended a popular Antifa group on Twitter. The group, “It’s Going Down” (IGD News) was a “terror-linked Antifa propaganda site” that instructed its followers to carry out political violence and took credit for the terrorist attack on a railroad in Washington state in 2020, according to The Post Millennial.

“Twitter obviously must be fair to all, so will aim to stop violent extremism being promoted by any group,” Musk said two weeks ago when he vowed to end extremism on the platform as Antifa continued to coordinate their attacks.


Editor-at-large at Post Millennial Andy Ngo informed Twitter’s new chief twit that IGD was one of the far-left accounts advocating for violence, providing screenshots of the account telling its followers that setting police stations on fire was crucial to fighting fascism.

The group also provided readers with a step-by-step guide to destroying evidence after partaking in demonstrations where anything illegal might have occurred. In 2020, the group was also suspended from Facebook for also promoting violence. Since, they have moved to Mastodon, a self-described “decentralized social media.”

Musk also responded to a post Ngo made where he revealed five new arrests in an Antifa “autonomous zone” in south Atlanta. Five Antifa members were charged with domestic terrorism. Police also reportedly found a cache of explosives and said that leading up to their raid, the group tried to burn a man alive in their car. The group was using Twitter to raise money for their radical cause.

“Insane,” Musk wrote.

Twitter also banned Antifa collective “Crimethinc,” which posted calls for arson and political violence. Ngo tweeted that the group operates like ISIS: they distribute propaganda and training material to get their followers to commit crimes. Their main account was subsequently banned after catching the attention of Musk, but Ngo says that they also operate many other accounts.