Elon Musk Targeted By Biden Operatives

(RoyalPatriot.com )- According to a report, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is reportedly the subject of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into his statements regarding the company’s self-driving cars.

A source told Bloomberg News that the SEC investigation is a component of a more extensive investigation into Tesla’s autopilot driver-assistance system.  SEC officials are examining whether Musk made improperly optimistic statements.

Perhaps the reason for the multiple investigations happening almost at once is that Musk has been a harsh critic of Biden.

A report from last November shows Twitter owner Elon Musk said the company might release internal discussions about suppressing the NY Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell article, saying it is necessary to restore public trust.

According to a report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is also looking into Musk for a tweet he made regarding a self-driving feature in Tesla vehicles. The organization is looking into 830,000 faulty Tesla cars with the autopilot system.

Musk is in court on charges that he misled investors when he tweeted he was considering taking Tesla private at $420.

According to investment reports,  investors claimed the tweet cost them billions of dollars by encouraging investment choices they otherwise would not have made.

According to the outlets, the SEC accused Musk of securities fraud for the tweet and claimed he had not explicitly discussed deals with financiers about taking Tesla private.

Reports show that Tesla produced over 300,000 electric vehicles last quarter, compared to GM’s 26 previous quarter.

Musk claimed in a statement to the media last February that Biden has pointedly ignored Tesla at every turn and falsely stated to the public that GM leads the electric car industry.

Musk made fun of Biden for being overly scripted and dependent on the teleprompter.

Last May, Musk tweeted that whoever operates the teleprompter is the actual President. The road to the teleprompter is the road to power.

Must wrote he believed that if someone unintentionally leans on the teleprompter, it would be similar to a scene from the Will Ferrell comedy “Anchorman.”