Elon Musk Says Democrat Party Was “Hijacked By Extremists”

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On Thursday, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, blew leftist minds with tweets criticizing the Democratic Party for leaning too far to the left and being “hijacked by extremists.”

Musk posted a graphic depicting the evolution of liberals from 2008 to now on Thursday evening. The picture shows conservatives and liberals almost equidistant from the political center in 2008, with Musk, depicted somewhat to the left.

The picture eventually showed Musk and the conservative in the same places in 2021, but the liberal, now dubbed the “woke ‘progressive,'” had sprinted to the extreme left of the scale, pushing the center point even further to the left, leaving erstwhile liberals on the conservative side of the scale.

Musk then added insult to injury by claiming that the radical left dominates the Democratic Party.

Musk said he heartily backed Obama for President, but extremists have seized today’s Democratic Party.

Twitter liberals couldn’t handle the slap in the face.

“This is propaganda,” tweeted leftist journalist David Leavitt in response to the image.

Dean Obeidallah, an insufferably liberal radio host and MSNBC mouthpiece for any leftist regime, tweeted that It’s now 100 percent evident that Musk is part of the GOP propaganda operation and evident that Elon Musk is every bit as evil as one suspected.
Shaun King, a liberal critic, couldn’t believe Musk’s image. He asked on Twitter, if Musk thought it was true that the right hasn’t moved in the last 20 years.

The maniacally bloviating Keith Olbermann intoned, “Sorry you reversed this, Muskrat.”

“I’m not sure your ‘public square’ will be such a beautiful place with this kind of take,” MSNBC anchor Katie Phang tweeted.

“All of Ronald Reagan’s brain damage, but none of his charm,” novelist Jacob Bacharach barked. (Which would perfectly describe the current administration the leftists defend.)

Richard Marx, a songwriter, tweeted that he’s a “lifelong independent” (finding a Marx tweet critical of the left would be more difficult than wrangling a unicorn) who has voted for both parties. He asked that Musk provide a Democratic equivalent to book bans, abortion bans, or sponsoring and helping insurgencies.

Marx, the California native, is unaware that To Kill a Mockingbird was banned in his home state by the left. Also, the left aids and abets illegals crossing our border. These are people who the left feels will back their party. One could easily argue that this is an insurgency.

The insignificant actress Valerie Bertinelli said she didn’t know who or what’s been brainwashing Musk, but he’d better wake up and think for himself.

Jonathan Alter, an MSNBC analyst, said on Twitter that this is an unsettling and poorly-informed post by @elonmusk, given his new purchase. He whined that one of our major political parties has morphed into a white grievance organization poised to renominate an authoritarian, pro-Putin demagogue who attempted a coup.

That the left could say these things on Twitter without the fear of being banned, unlike thousands of right-wing Twitter users, was lost on these “intellectuals.”