Elon Musk Praises China for ‘Smart, Hardworking People, Compared to US

On Tuesday, Tesla’s CEO took aim at American workers while simultaneously praising the long hours put in by Chinese plant workers. 

The billionaire said China is home to many brilliant, dedicated workers who have a firm faith in the industrial sector. 

He said that people in America are attempting to avoid going to work at all costs, but they’ll be working nonstop from midnight to three in the morning at a Chinese factory.

Musk makes his statement in the midst of an ongoing pandemic lockdown, while Tesla’s enormous Shanghai “Giga-factory” is pushing its employees to their limits to reach production objectives.

The United States has long been considered the most powerful economy in the world in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) and per capita income. However, the world’s economies are changing because of China’s meteoric rise. This great eastern economic force has a clear edge over the United States, says Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

“The sheer amount of highly brilliant, diligent people in China is tremendous,” Musk remarked in an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman in 2023. 

The tech mogul emphasized the country’s infrastructure development, saying that compared to the United States, China’s architecture in the last several years is jaw-dropping. He said that there is no comparison to what we have in the United States when it comes to train stations, buildings, and high-speed rail. 

Musk challenged American engineers and architects to visit Shanghai and Beijing and take in all the architecture. 

The multi-billionaire marveled at how China has built the longest railway network in the world, with miles of new roadways and innumerable bridges, among other massive undertakings, throughout the last several decades.

China may provide unique investment prospects if Musk is correct, and a potent and energetic workforce propels the country’s economy.

Numerous opportunities exist in China’s stock market, which encompasses the main exchanges in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and extends to industries including renewable energy, consumer products, and technology.

While investing globally isn’t without its challenges, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) make it easy for investors in the United States to purchase shares in Chinese firms listed on American markets.