Elon Musk Is Coming For Fox News, CNN Suggests

Fox News’ right-wing media monopoly is in jeopardy, according to Axios writer and CNN media expert Sara Fischer. She’s observed that conservatives are abandoning the network in favor of Twitter and other platforms.

Fischer appeared on CNN’s “This Morning” to discuss her recent piece, “Musk Moves in on Murdoch.” 

The article analyzes Fox’s recent rating drop and says that since Tucker Carlson’s firing, Fox has lost conservative viewers and replaced the network as the center of the media universe with Twitter.

Fischer gave as examples the imminent 2024 announcement by Governor Ron DeSantis and the decision by The Daily Wire to broadcast all of its podcasts on Twitter.

Fischer predicted that the conservative movement would “flock” to Twitter, previously Fox’s domain. 

She quipped that this must be a terrifying time for Rupert Murdoch.

Fischer was joined on air by Ben Smith, also of Semafor, who echoed this sentiment, saying that this is a time when media is splintering, and Fox used to have an incredible monopoly on the conservatives. As a result, he began to worry if Twitter would still be a “central convening space” if it became a hub for conservative media.

Fischer elaborated on how DeSantis’s 2024 Twitter announcement fits into his effort to ridicule the mainstream media. By announcing on Twitter, DeSantis signals to his supporters that he isn’t dealing with the mainstream media like the other candidates.

Donie O’Sullivan pointed out that the decentralization of right-wing media is aided by the fact that Twitter competes with Rumble to be a venue for conservatives. Fischer then mentioned that David Sacks of Rumble would moderate DeSantis’ Twitter Space with Musk.

The Twitter Spaces event with DeSantis is slated for 6:00 p.m. ET, but at 8:00 p.m. ET, DeSantis is anticipated to appear on Fox News, AKA the mainstream media.

DeSantis will be interviewed by Trey Gowdy.