Elon Musk Endorses Debate With Robert Kennedy Jr and Peter Hotez

Over the weekend, Elon Musk voiced his support for podcaster Joe Rogan’s challenge to have COVID “expert” Peter Hotez debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the Daily Caller reported.

After Hotez posted a link to a Vice News article critical of Rogan’s June 15 interview with Kennedy on Twitter, Rogan offered to host a debate between Hotez and Kennedy in exchange for sending $100,000 to a charity of Hotez’s choice.

Hotez then replied to Rogan, expressing his willingness to appear on Rogan’s podcast, but did not say if he would be willing to debate RFK Jr.

When Rogan pointed out that Hotez didn’t address the debate challenge directly, Musk replied to Rogan’s tweet by saying that Hotez is “afraid of a public debate because he knows he’s wrong.”

This upset Hotez, who defended his fearmongering over COVID and promotion of the vaccines, adding that Musk’s comment was “monstrous.”

In his reply, Musk pointed out that he supports vaccinations and believes that mRNA technology shows “tremendous promise.” But Musk said he knows many people who suffered side effects from the COVID vaccines, including himself, adding that refusing to acknowledge the side effects “is a lie.” He closed his tweet by urging Hotez to accept Rogan’s challenge to debate RFK Jr.

With Hotez facing pressure to agree to debate Kennedy, the American corporate media that promoted his COVID fearmongering throughout the pandemic, jumped in to give Hotez a lifeline by urging him not to appear in a debate with an “anti-vaxxer” conspiracy theorist like Kennedy.

On Wednesday, Science published an editorial arguing that no scientist should debate “gaslighters” like RFK Jr.

Hotez spent the week retweeting tweets from Twitter users who urged him not to debate “science deniers” or give them a platform.

Wednesday afternoon, Tom Elliott from Grabian posted a Supercut video featuring some of the “dangerous” and “deranged” things Hotez said on cable news during the pandemic.