Elle Macpherson Comes Clean About Getting Sober

In a recent interview with Body+Soul magazine, Elle Macpherson, the iconic supermodel, shared her personal story of overcoming alcohol addiction. As she approaches her 60th birthday, Macpherson reflects on her decision to get sober twenty years ago and its profound impact on her life.

It was in 2003, just before her 40th birthday, that Macpherson realized she had a problem with alcohol. Feeling that she couldn’t be fully present in her own life, she made the courageous choice to stop drinking. In her own words, this decision became a springboard for self-discovery and a deeper understanding of herself.

While Macpherson acknowledges that everyone has their own journey, she emphasizes the significance of her path to sobriety. It required discipline and persistence but ultimately allowed her to be truly present and well. Macpherson believes that alcohol can be a hindrance to personal growth and self-awareness, as it numbs our senses and prevents us from truly getting to know ourselves.

Recently, Macpherson celebrated her major milestone of 20 years of sobriety on Instagram. She shared a close-up shot of her Alcoholics Anonymous tri-plate blue and gold token, symbolizing her commitment to a sober life. It is a testament to her strength and resilience in overcoming addiction.

In a previous interview with Gritty magazine, Macpherson reflected on her decision to get sober at 40. She described it as a transformative period, marked by introspection and a desire to delve deeper into her being.

As Macpherson approaches her 60th birthday, she radiates positivity and deep gratitude. She emphasizes the importance of feeling incredible rather than solely focusing on the physical aspects of aging. Macpherson believes that the quality of life and living it to the fullest are paramount. She encourages others to embrace their journey and make the most of every moment.

Beyond her triumphs, Macpherson’s journey also includes her previous marriages to fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon and hotel billionaire Jeffrey Soffer. She is the proud mother of two children from an earlier relationship.

Elle Macpherson’s story inspires many who may be struggling with addiction or seeking personal growth. Her path to sobriety reminds us that it is never too late to make a positive change in our lives and find true fulfillment. As she celebrates 20 years of clarity, Macpherson continues to embody strength, vitality, and beauty from living life to the fullest.