Election Watchdogs Are Being Targeted To Prevent Investigation Into Election Irregularities

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Wisconsin punished an election integrity monitor for “frivolous accusations,” while Washington’s Democrat AG filed a bar complaint against a watchdog lawyer.

As voter integrity groups report irregularities in the 2020 election, some states are pursuing punitive reprisals to deter unwanted scrutiny. Wisconsin’s elections regulators fined independent election watchdogs, while Washington’s Democratic attorney general filed a state bar complaint against an election integrity lawyer.

In Wisconsin, data analyst Peter Bernegger was fined $2,403 for making “frivolous complaints.”

Bernegger filed four voter-roll complaints with WEC this year. WEC dismissed all charges in March, fining Bernegger $1 per claim.

WEC claimed each allegation fails to show a breach.

Bernegger said last week that he feels the system is defective. He feels he was fined after telling them that, but they claim it’s for filing baseless complaints.

Bernegger is filing a civil rights counter-suit.

Bernegger spoke on 2020 voting fraud before the Wisconsin Assembly in February.
WCEJ uncovered 30 irregularities in the 2020 election in Wisconsin, including about 46,000 ballots cast without verification with the state DMV, around 12,200 ballots cast by persons who weren’t registered to vote, and roughly 7,200 duplicate absentee ballots cast twice by people with the same name and address.

Wisconsin’s Legislative Audit Bureau discovered 30 problems with the WEC and issued 18 suggestions. The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a lower court finding barring vote drop boxes in April municipal elections.

In Washington, the state Supreme Court ordered WEICU to pay about $9,600 and its lawyer, Virginia Shogren, to pay over $18,800.
Election integrity organization petitioned the court in October to establish that Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee violated the state constitution by promoting or enabling noncitizens to vote.

The state Supreme Court approved Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s plea to censure WEICU for the petition, which Ferguson’s office termed “devoid of legal value.”

The AG filed a bar complaint against Shogren for her lawsuit, stating she violated professional conduct guidelines by pushing “frivolous legal arguments and making unfounded charges of voter fraud.”

The bar complaint was sent to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, which handles lawyer ethical issues in Washington.

The office can propose a warning, suspension, or disbarment. The state Supreme Court reviews breaks and disbarments.

According to the Times, the complaint requests the office to “look into the incident and take necessary action.”

The system needs an overhaul, the machines, and the people in charge.