Election Software CEO Has Charges Dropped

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last week, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon dropped all charges against Eugene Yu, the CEO of election software company Konnech, citing “potential bias” and the “pace of the investigation.”

Yu was arrested in early October after investigators with the LA County DA’s Office alleged that Konnech and Yu violated their contract with Los Angeles County by illegally giving Chinese contractors access to data that was supposed to be stored in the US.

Konnech sells and distributes software to help states administer elections, schedule poll workers, and handle payroll.

According to its contract with LA County, Konnech was to securely store the personal information collected so that only US citizens and permanent residents have access to it. However, investigators with the DA’s office found that the information had been stored on servers located in China.

Konnech officials denied the accusations.

In a statement last week, Gascon said the DA’s office was concerned about the “pace of the investigation and the potential bias in the presentation and investigation of the evidence.” As a result, the DA decided to ask the court to dismiss the case “and alert the public in order to ensure transparency.”

The investigation into the Michigan-based Konnech was opened after several groups challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election had accused the company of storing information on servers in China.

Among the groups making the allegations was True the Vote, a Texas-based election integrity group. True the Vote members Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips accused Konnech of giving the Chinese government access to the personal information of election workers.

In September, Konnech and Yu filed a defamation suit against Engelbrecht and Phillips over their claim.

Engelbrecht and Phillips were later jailed for contempt after refusing to identify their source during the defamation trial. They were later released following an appeal to the 5th District Court of Appeals.