Election Evidence Was Removed And Hidden From Public

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The Maricopa County election audit in Arizona proved that as many as 50,000 ballots cast in the last election were potentially fraudulent or illegitimate, but that hasn’t stopped the media from ignoring it. And not only that, but new reports that Maricopa County officials themselves hid information from Senate auditors are being ignored too.

Believe it or not, Maricopa County election officials recently admitted that data was deleted in the 2020 election and that it couldn’t be handed over to Senate auditors for that reason. However, the statement was soon retracted and the media came to bat for them, claiming that the information was actually only archived…and that it was withheld from the Senate auditors anyway.

The Gateway Pundit reports how Arizona Senate President Karen Fann shared an article from RTM on Monday which analyzed a statement by Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates. In the statement, he admits to files being deleted, but it appears to have just been a slip of the tongue.

He very quickly tried to walk back the statement by saying that the files were archived, not deleted and that the reason why they were not handed over to auditors is that they didn’t fit the criteria of the demands to hand over “all the records related to the election.”

How, exactly, do these archived files not fit this criterion?

Bill Gates responded to the post by Karen Fann, noting how Maricopa County officials seemed to admit to deleting data, by claiming it was false. He shared a report by the Associated Press to support his “fact check.”

Because, of course, the media comes to their rescue.

Well, sort of. He didn’t seem to notice that the AP’s own fact-checker actually called it “partly false.”

Can he read?