Election CHAOS – Insider Drops Truth BOMB

A key organizer and fundraiser who spends his life button-holing and corralling wealthy Democrats is opening up on the real stakes of the 2024 election, and why they reveal Biden’s true reason for persisting in the race.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, who is responsible for coordinating with ultra-wealthy Biden backers such as Ried Hoffman—the CEO of LinkedIn—got politicos looking askance at him when he said that a Biden who was comatose or dead would be more desirable than running Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket.

Then, in an interview on July 8, Mehlhorn revealed that he and many in the President’s inner circle believe that the polls that show Biden trailing Trump are simply wrong. They believe the incumbent has an unbeatable edge, and that is what motivates Biden to stay in the race, and what, in Mehlhorn’s view, will see him through to victory.

Mehlhorn went on to say that Biden believes that his biggest mistake in life was allowing himself to be dissuaded—allegedly by Barack Obama, among others—from running against Hillary Clinton for his party’s nomination in the 2016 presidential election. If Biden had run that year, Mehlhorn said, the country would be in a much better place. As it is, he sees Biden as a savior figure, having yanked the United States back from the abyss and set the country on a new upward path.

The billionaire donor class, according to Mehlhorn, sees no point in getting Biden to drop out, as they will continue to do things as they have been. In an interview with Drop Site News, he revealed that, since 2020, he refuses to listen to those who don’t agree with him that the Biden presidency has benefited the world tremendously. When Ryan Grimes, who was conducting the interview, pointed out that the President doesn’t seem to believe that his low poll numbers are accurate, Mehlhorn said that he believes that “Joe is right” and the world is wrong.