Dr. Oz Is Closing The Gap In New Poll

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Polling is growing tight in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, with recent surveys showing the gap between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz closing as more voters begin to pay more attention to the midterm election.

In a CBS/YouGov poll released last week, Dr. Oz was trailing Fetterman by only five points, with Fetterman at 52 percent and Oz at 47 percent. Meanwhile, the Trafalgar poll released last Friday showed Fetterman with a less than 2-point lead over Dr. Oz, 47.7 percent to 45.9 percent.

However, the Trafalgar poll included Libertarian candidate Erik Gerhardt (3.5 percent) while the CBS/YouGov did not.

It seems rather stupid to conduct a poll that does not include every candidate whose name will appear on the ballot. But that’s YouGov for you.

Last week’s YouGov poll also found Independents evenly split between Fetterman and Oz at 49 percent each. Who knows if that would hold if YouGov included the Libertarian candidate in its poll?

In the gubernatorial race, YouGov had Democrat Josh Shapiro 11 points ahead of Republican Doug Mastriano, 55 percent to 44 percent.

However, the Trafalgar poll, which included Libertarian Matt Hackenburg, shows a much closer race, with Josh Shapiro only ahead by 2 points, 47.4 percent to Mastriano’s 45.4 percent. Hackenburg polled at only 2.8 percent.

The YouGov poll was conducted among registered voters while Trafalgar polled likely voters.

Polls of registered voters tend to be less reliable than those of likely voters.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls has Fetterman slightly ahead of Dr. Oz, 49.2 percent to 45 percent.