Doug Mastriano Surge Has Mainstream Media Scared To Death

( )- Doug Mastriano, the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, is on a roll, and the media is freaking out. A frequent ploy used by Democrat strategists, which backfired on the liberal media in 2016 in the case of President Trump, is to favor a primary victory to a candidate they don’t think could win the general.

While serving as a state senator in Pennsylvania, Mastriano hosted the “Gettysburg” hearing, when Rudy Giuliani detailed the scale of voter fraud in the state. After a landslide victory in the Republican primary, Mastriano is now inside the margin of error in surveys pitting him against the Democrat Josh Shapiro.

The populist Right appears to be gaining support in a wide range of electoral elections across the United States.

Will Mastriano overcome the same structural flaws that’s been used as an exploit to cheat, the ones that robbed Trump? Is there any possibility for populist political success in the current system, with a federal administration that is becoming progressively hostile?

After winning the Republican nomination, Mastriano spoke out about what needed attention. He says Shapiro is corrupt. A whistleblower agrees.

Robert Frasconi has accused Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro, the Democrat’s gubernatorial candidate, of being “criminally negligent” in his current role as the attorney general.

“AG Shapiro turned a blind eye to alleged criminal wrongdoing by members of the Democrat Party in our county,” the whistleblower said (Fayette County, Pennsylvania). These same Democrats owe Shapiro their support in his bid for the governorship now that he is a gubernatorial candidate. When he filed a formal 2018 complaint directly to Shapiro “after the repeated contacts to his subordinates remained unanswered,” whistleblower Frasconi said.

Frasconi stated that what is truly disturbing about corruption, is its breadth and depth of it. Democratic officials like Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro, former District Attorney Jack Heneks, and current District Attorney Rich Bower (a Democratic-turned-RINO) would lock people up and throw away the key if someone on the right ever broke election law, falsified an affidavit, lied to the court, or misled an investigating grand jury.