Donald Trump’s Polling Boost Linked To Biden Family Drama?

On Monday morning, House Oversight Committee chairman and Republican from Kentucky, James Comer, said that he thinks the investigation into the Biden family’s influence peddling was good for former president Donald Trump’s electoral chances. 

To Comer’s knowledge, the Biden scandal is one of the most severe accusations ever made against a public official in the United States. He said the FBI had done nothing about allegations against Biden despite them having been made years ago.

In April, Comer was asked by a reporter if Biden had broken any laws in conjunction with his accusations. 

Comer said they would fix the laws on influence peddling because “this is getting out of control.”

Like then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s infamous candor in 2015, in which he stated the GOP’s Benghazi committee was formed more as a political stunt to damage Hillary Clinton’s popularity in the run-up to the 2016 election than as a serious probe, Comer’s seeming moment of honesty has drawn comparisons.

That is the political landscape, and leftist journalists, pundits, politicians, and voters, who are “outraged” by such political “shenanigans” cannot be so delusional to think that their party doesn’t do the same.

Trump has been the target of more overblown witch hunts and accusations since Sarah Palin, who was famously driven out of her Governorship by the left who kept filing lawsuit after lawsuit against her to exhaust her patience and her bank account.

As for Comer’s efforts, there is scant evidence from polls that the House GOP’s probes into Biden’s family are hurting the president’s popularity. While Biden’s polling remains low, public opinion hasn’t shown any clear trend since Comer took over the investigations.

It’s difficult for polling to go down when the media does little to investigate who “the big guy” is in Hunter Biden’s emails. The “big guy” gets “his cut” from the influence-peddling schemes performed by the rest of the Biden clan.

So far, no Woodward/Bernstein is even remotely interested in pursuing a Biden scandal.