Donald Trump Strong As Ever, New Polls Say

( )- You may have seen polls in Secrets and elsewhere praising the rise of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and others in opposition to former President Donald Trump, the only Republican to have declared a bid for the 2024 GOP primary.

They arrive as the former president is still standing and fighting back despite criticism from many quarters.

The reasons why Donald Trump is still “as strong as ever” to win the Republican nomination and defeat President Joe Biden are now being discussed by two of the nation’s top Republican pollsters with close ties to Trump.

McLaughlin & Associates’ most recent poll, conducted by John and Jim McLaughlin, shows that the former president is still very popular, leading Biden 48%-45% and defeating DeSantis 48%-23%.

Other polls have highlighted the DeSantis surge, particularly in the wake of his historic reelection victory last month. Even though there is still more than a year before the first caucus or primary, they all hint at how the candidates are faring with voters but shouldn’t be considered the final word.

John McLaughlin explained that the McLaughlin poll is distinct because its sample is more rigorous. Instead of using a larger sample that might contain people who have never voted, it tries to narrow down its sample to those who are most likely to cast a ballot.

McLaughlin makes an effort to avoid being anti-Trump in many media polls. Finally, it reproduces the proportion of Democrats to Republicans in more recent elections.

According to him, this can sometimes lead to variations in the outcomes.

You must first consider the source’s reliability and the poll’s quality. The majority of polls that are released come from the liberal, anti-Trump media, which does backflips to produce biased polls to stifle Trump supporters and donors. As opposed to likely voter polls, many biased media polls have samples of adults and are diluted with nonvoters, so they do not accurately represent “election day.”

According to John McLaughlin, they also skew the sample by asking anti-Trump questions.

Bottom line: Delegate elections are still over a year away, and Trump is still the Republican to beat.