Donald Trump Shatters Record At CPAC

( )- Former President Donald Trump made a splash at CPAC last weekend. His Sunday speech, which was 90 minutes long (can President Joe Biden handle that?) reminded the world that he is still very much the leader of the Republican Party.

He also shattered a record, with a massive 70% of attendants at the Conservative Political Action Conference agreeing in a straw poll that Trump should be the GOP’s next presidential nominee. It’s the first time that any candidate has ever received such a high score in a straw poll at a CPAC event, which is typically used to offer an indication of which potential Republican candidate has the most support from the GOP base.

Can you think of any other time in recent history when a presidential candidate had this much support?

70% is more than Trump achieved in the polls for 2016!

Trump spent 90 minutes reminding Republicans why it is so important to stand up to the Democrats, and insisted that the new Democratic Party no longer conforms to normal ideas of decency. Instead, he argued, the party subscribes to a Marxist ideology that says smearing and hurting anybody is justified so long as it achieves a political goal.

While former President Trump clearly won the straw poll, the fact that Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came second presents some interesting possibilities.

DeSantis was the only candidate to return a number larger than 1%, with 21% support among CPAC attendees. It means that he could well be a realistic candidate to go up against former President Donald Trump, but it also means that Trump could be wise to choose DeSantis as his running mate if he does decide to take a stab at running for the White House again.

Former GOP heavyweights Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul failed to get past 1%, giving us a pretty good idea of which way the party is headed.

If Trump decides not to run, this race is wide open for Governor DeSantis.