Donald Trump Searching For VP, Report Confirms

( )- While he hasn’t officially made his 2024 intentions known just yet, former President Donald Trump is apparently already vetting potential vice president running mates.

And this time, he doesn’t believe that he has to go the conventional route, as he did when he selected Mike Pence leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Politico recently reported that several advisors close to Trump have said the former president does not believe that he would be bound by ideological considerations or geography when making his choice for running mate. In fact, he isn’t afraid of ignoring typical political rules altogether.

Instead, what Trump will probably look for in a running mate is unquestioned loyalty to him as well as embracing the notion that the presidential election in 2020 was stolen by Democrats.

One of the campaign pollsters for the former president, John McLaughlin, recently said:

“A lot of times, a presidential candidate will pick a running mate to balance out wings of the party. But with Trump, that’s not the issue. He is the party, basically. It’s so united behind him.

“So, his choice, if he runs, will come down to what he wants. It would be a much more personal decision this time.”

It’s expected that Trump will hold off on making a public announcement about his 2024 election intentions until after the 2022 midterm elections, which are crucial for the future control of both the House and Senate.

Despite this, he is still building a potential campaign team and laying the groundwork for a future presidential run. As part of this preparation work, the topic of who to pick as a running mate is coming up a lot.

In the past, Trump has mentioned that he could possibly select Ron DeSantis, the popular Republican governor of Florida, as his running mate. Some Republican insiders also believe that other candidates could be Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina and Mike Pompeo, who served as secretary of state in his administration.

Both of those latter individuals were recently spotted hanging out with Trump at his Florida Mar-a-Lago club.

While a running mate is often a strategic decision for a president based on who could help him or her attract voters, it’s a particularly personal decision for Trump. The former president still apparently looks back on his decision to choose Pence as his running mate in 2016 as a bad one, especially after he felt betrayed when Pence refused to not certify the Electoral College results on that infamous January 6 this year.

Trump now considers Pence to be very disloyal, and he’s not about to make that mistake again.

What made Pence such a great asset as a running mate in 2016 aren’t as relevant today, advisers to Trump say. Pence was an evangelical conservative and was a governor in the Rust Belt, which brought more people to the Republican Party’s side in the 2016 election.

Helping him make his choice back then were his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner. The power couple isn’t expected to play such a prominent role in picking a running mate for 2024, though, if Trump decides to seek the White House again.