Donald Trump Says BLM Was Originally Pushing To “Kill The Police”

( )- During an interview with the former head of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage, who is now a news presenter for GB News, former President Donald Trump accurately described how Black Lives Matter was founded on the idea of targeting and even killing the police.

Divisive political news site Black America Web complained about the former president’s comments, described how Trump “accused” the Black Lives Matter movement of encouraging violence against police officers.

Is he really “accusing” BLM of this, or is he just accurately portraying the vile things said and done by Black Lives Matter activists over the years?

Newsweek also noted that Trump said that the original message of Black Lives Matter was heard in a 2015 protest chant, in which they shouted phrases like “Fry ‘em like bacon” and “pigs in a blanket.”

“You know that, right?” Trump said to Farage. “That was about our great police…and all of a sudden this becomes mainstream? I don’t really think so.”

How is it that Democrats and left-wing activists get so mad when Trump accurately describes how BLM activists called for the death of police officers?

Shouldn’t Democrats be just as concerned about this extremism as he is?

The chant Trump was talking about was heard at a St. Paul, Minnesota protest by Black Lives Matter in 2015. In 2020, CNN reported that the chant came from a group that was considered “independent” from the national BLM movement and “has never been an official, national or prominent slogan of the movement.”

Incorrect. Turn up to any BLM protest in the country and you’ll hear it. Do you think the Democrats would ever stop and wonder whether a singular comment made by one person at a Trump protest was representative of the entire movement?

If people repeatedly call for the death of cops at BLM rallies, then it’s a good indication of what that movement believes, is it not?

Black America Web disingenuously wrote that despite what Trump says, the BLM movement has “never called on supporters and activists to kill police officers.”

Well…they did. It was heard in Minnesota in 2015, and since then, BLM rioters have gone on to throw firebombs at courthouses and federal buildings all over the country.

Imagine getting mad about Trump literally telling the truth.

Watch the whole interview with Nigel Farage here: