Donald Trump Says Big 2024 News Coming

( )- Former President Donald Trump still won’t confirm whether or not he is planning to run in the 2024 presidential election, but during an interview on Newsmax on Friday, he made the biggest indication yet. The former president said that he plans to make an announcement about his decision in the “not too distant future” and predicted that people will be “thrilled” with what he decides.

Speaking to Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” Trump told host Rob Finnerty and former Trump administration official Richard Grenell that he is currently focusing on helping Republicans win elections. Trump said that he continues to fight the deep state and the radical left, who are going after him and his former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Over the last week, Giuliani lost his law license in New York after the state’s Supreme Court voted to strip him of his law license temporarily, wrongly claiming that he made baseless claims about election fraud in a number of lawsuits following last year’s presidential election.

Trump said that he has been fighting the radicals for five and a half years, ever since he “came down the escalator,” referring to the moment that he came down the Trump Tower escalator and made an announcement about his run for the presidency.

He added that he wants a little time to go by before he makes his decision about 2024, and suggested that he would like to see how things go in 2022 first.

Trump also indicated what his platform might be if he does run, talking about how inflation is causing Americans to hurt by increasing the prices of goods and services. He noted how gas prices have increased from $1.87 during his presidency to as much as $3.50 under the Biden presidency.

Trump hasn’t made his announcement yet, but Democrats are likely already preparing to take him on once again.