Donald Trump Responds To DOJ Threats

( )- Last Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened anybody who works on audits of the last presidential election. He warned states that think about enacting an Arizona-style forensic audit of the ballots that the Department of Justice’s new “civil rights” division will be targeting them.

It’s a stark warning and one that reveals just how terrified the Biden administration is of third-party auditors discovering fraud in the last election – fraud that is widely believed to have been so widespread that it influenced the result of the election.

Garland also warned states against enacting new legislation designed to strengthen election integrity, describing it as an effort to stop new laws that “restrict access to voting.” No law has so far been proposed by any Republican that restricts access to voting for United States citizens, and Merrick Garland presumably knows that.

Former President Donald Trump hit back at the comments, naturally, suggesting that if the Department of Justice is genuinely concerned about efforts to “limiting voting” then they should be looking at the voter fraud that occurred in the last election.

Trump said that the “massive voter fraud” in various swing states are necessary to examine if the Department of Justice is genuinely interested in ensuring every vote counts.

Trump added that without election security, “we have no country.”

He added that the Biden administration should not be trying to suppress accountability in a dishonest election, and that the president is proving that he intends to cancel anything that might reveal election fraud “because they know what was done.”

If Trump’s accusations are true, it would mean that the president and his campaign team – and now, his administration – are perfectly aware of the election fraud that occurred in the last election, from tens of thousands of votes cast with fake addresses to rumored issues with electronic vote counting equipment.

The question is…did Biden know about it at the time? And did his campaign have anything to do with it?