Donald Trump Responds To Crisis – “Do You Miss Me Yet?”

( )- Former President Donald Trump has a message for America amidst President Joe Biden’s latest disaster…

“Do you miss me yet?”

In a statement to his followers issued on Friday, the former president offered his thoughts on the way that the Biden administration followed through on his planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, criticizing the multiple failures and errors made along the way.

Trump called it a “tragic mess in Afghanistan,” noting how the Taliban had very quickly overcome the Afghanistan military and taken control of millions of dollars of American military equipment that was recklessly left behind.

The then reminded readers about the broken southern border, skyrocketing crime, and oil prices going through the roof…not to mention the issue of inflation, that Janet Yellen and the rest of the Biden administration still claims is “temporary.”

When thousands of Americans are left stranded in Afghanistan and President Biden hides from the media, it’s easy to forget that the United States is still facing a number of other crises. On the southern United States border, authorities are encountering more illegal aliens every month than at any time in modern history. The number of aliens who were apprehended at the border in July exceeded 200,000, and that number appears to be increasing.

While all of this goes on, the Biden administration is being less than transparent.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany laid into the Biden press secretaries for refusing to give the American people the information they need about the foreign policy disaster.

Can you imagine the attacks from the media that McEnany would have received if she had taken a week’s holiday and told reporters that she would be out of office during a crisis of this severity?