Donald Trump Attacks Fox News For Not COvering His Record-Breaking Polling

( )- Former President Donald Trump blasted “Fox & Friends” on Monday when a host questioned his poll results.

Trump tweeted that Fox and Friends just “bungled my poll numbers, no doubt intentionally.”

“That program has gone to the ‘evil side,” he wrote.

He then accused the program of “hastily” presenting a weekend survey from Turning Point USA, in which 78.7% of respondents supported Trump as the 2024 Republican presidential primary winner, compared to 19% who chose Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“They quote my 60-point Turning Point Poll victory over the number two Republican and then hit me with outliers,” Trump grumbled. Almost all polls show me leading Republicans and Biden by a lot.

Trump was referring to a segment in which two hosts compared the Turning Point USA survey to another that showed DeSantis might beat Trump.

Anchor, Steve Doocy, remarked of the Turning Point poll- “That’s different from previous surveys we’ve seen.” Then Doocy cited surveys in Florida and New Hampshire that showed DeSantis ahead of Trump.

Doocy said that the young activists at that rally preferred the former president, “but other surveys show a different result.”

Host Brian Kilmeade chimed in, saying that state-by-state DeSantis exhibited “tremendous dominance in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Florida.”

In a Truth Social post on Monday, Trump called former House Speaker Paul Ryan a “RINO” and “one of the weakest and poorest Speakers EVER.” It’s worth noting that Ryan is a Fox Corporation director.

Trump’s break with “Fox & Friends” comes after rumors Rupert Murdoch’s corporation may turn on the former president. The New York Post called Trump “unworthy to be president again” in a Sunday editorial.

Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal labeled Trump “The President Who Stood Still on Jan. 6” while complimenting former VP Mike Pence.

Trump’s words regarding “Fox & Friends” signal a turnaround in his views on the show. During his presidency, Trump often appeared on the show.

In September 2020, Trump was uncomfortably snubbed after saying he’d call “frequently” in the campaign’s last weeks.

“Trump may want to do it every week, but Fox isn’t committed to that,” Doocy said, according to The New York Times.

Despite this, Trump remains popular with voters.