Don Lemon Berated CNN Star, Causing Her To Burst Into Tears

( )- Don Lemon has been accused of bringing a colleague to tears.

Although other media sites have verified that the events that led up to the breakdown are generally accurate, CNN has now published a statement claiming that the stories of Lemon’s rage are exaggerated.

Just hours before Don Lemon reportedly lost his cool with Kaitlan Collins in front of other staff members, footage from “CNN This Morning” had shown how Collins was repeatedly muted and rejected by Lemon when they were both hosting the program.

Throughout the program, the tension reportedly increased, and at one point, Lemon allegedly had Kaitlan Collins leave the set in tears after berating her in front of the camera crew and their other female co-host Poppy Harlow.

A mitigating CNN statement states, “Don, Kaitlan, and Poppy were friends before they became co-anchors, and they are friends now.”

The event happened while Lemon was talking about Brittney Griner’s release. Collins attempted to speak as Lemon discussed prisoner swaps, saying, “I believe she’s…”

The exchange took place at the airport in Abu Dhabi,’ Lemon said over her.

Collins said, “It’s been ten months since she’s been kept in captivity,” but Lemon ignored her and continued to recite the time.

He says, “8:30 This Morning. President Biden is set to speak,” Lemon said, reporting on  the Griner prisoner trade.

Collins talks but is immediately ignored.

Lemon wags his finger and stops Collins in her tracks, “Standby, one second,”

Before letting Collins join the conversation, Lemon speaks for another 40 seconds.

Following the event, it is said that Collins wishes to work with the host “as little as possible.” Collins was “visibly unhappy” after the off-camera dispute, and other staff members were “shaken” by Lemon’s last off-camera outburst.

According to RadarOnline, Lemon, 56, became “ballistic” with staff members who brought up the incident with Collins, with Lemon saying she “interrupted him” during a December show.

In footage from the December 8 program, Collins can be seen trying to speak on many occasions, but Lemon either ignores or speaks over her.

One source describes Lemon as “bossy” and “difficult to deal with.”

Lemon’s meltdown was hardly his first error of judgment as he still learns to share the spotlight with his new colleagues.

Collins had previously accused him of mansplaining why the US men’s soccer team should be paid more despite their lack of success. The conversation was unpleasant to observe, but he argued that he was kidding when he remarked that guys were “more intriguing to watch.”

Early in the month of last year, CNN This Morning had its least-watched week ever since its debut, averaging slightly over 330,000 people.