Dollar Tree Increases Prices Amid Inflation Concerns

( )- You know when the dollar stores have to start raising prices, there’s something seriously going wrong with the economy. And that’s precisely what’s happening.

Last week, FED Chairman Jerome Powell announced that inflation is likely to stick around longer than many expected – including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen – and that it’s likely to continue getting worse over the coming months.

And while Joe Biden shakes in his boots, worried about his approval ratings and the upcoming 2022 midterms, the people of the United States are faced with constantly rising prices and uncertainty for who knows how many years.

Speaking to the Senate banking Affairs Committee at a hearing last Tuesday, Powell inexplicably blamed the reopening of the national economy for the increased cost of goods and services – and not the unprecedented sums of money spent encouraging Americans to stay at home and avoid work.

As all of this happens, reports suggest that Dollar tree is to begin adding products above $1 in price in its Dollar Tree Plus stores.

Zero Hedge, one of the most popular financial news websites, claimed that it was a slow transition to 2-dollar stores.

Dollar stores are a hugely important part of the American shopping experience and provide various goods and even food products for low-income families.

If Joe Biden wants to pretend the Democrats are still the party of the American people, he’s going to need to do something about the inflation crisis causing stores all over the nation to raise their prices.