DOJ Wins Huge Legal Battle Against Donald Trump

( )- According to reports, a federal appeals court halted a third-party review of documents seized from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, siding with the DOJ and allowing the government to use the documents in its criminal investigation.

In a 21-page opinion, the 11th Court of Appeals wrote that Judge Aileen Cannon did not have jurisdiction to block the United States from using lawfully seized records in a criminal investigation.

Legal analyst and former appellate court defender Teri Kanefield tweeted Thursday about the court’s decision. She feverishly wrote that the court forcefully explained the facts in its decision, pointing out that the federal government had tried multiple times before the warrant to retrieve the documents from Trump.  You can read her hyperbolic chicken scratchings here.

According to a report, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, having previously ruled that the special master cannot review classified documents, also ruled today that the special master cannot be involved in screening documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

Before the DOJ used any privileged information from the documents it had seized, the lower court appointed a special master to review the seized records. The special master cannot filter classified documents, the appellate court ruled, because the DOJ can independently determine a national security interest and classify documents without any legal justification for a challenge.

The appeals court essentially stated that all documents seized by the DOJ are admissible for use in its investigations regardless of their content if the search warrant was legally justified.

The report explains that the search warrant’s validity must be contested to fight the DOJ seizure’s authority, but President Trump’s lawyers have been denied access to the entire contents of the documents that were seized as well as the non-redacted search warrant, and the supporting probable cause affidavit.  So how can President Trump contest the legality of the seizure?

The feds will make any desperate move to defeat the America First agenda.  But it won’t work. And they know it.