DOJ Wants Trump Supporter Jailed For 75 Days

( )- Jenny Cudd is a flower shop owner who participated in the events of January 6th. She says she is proud to have participated, and has said so on social media, posting a video that she created at the time.

“F–k yes I’m proud of my actions. I f–king charged the Capitol with patriots today. Hell yes I’m proud of my actions.”

Cudd never backed down from her statement, telling a local outlet that she was still proud of her actions and believed she did nothing wrong, even after landing in hot water.

What did she do that day?

Cudd’s experience was what many maintained that day, that they never broke into the Capitol.

Cudd said she walked through an open door, and that, to her mind, was not against the law. She says she did nothing unlawful while inside the building. She just entered and videoed herself.

But according to the DOJ, Cudd “broke into” the building, and, perhaps angering the state, had the audacity to post a video stating how proud she was of her actions (which amounts to a misdemeanor.)

The DOJ is requesting that the shop owner, with no previous record, be sentenced to 75 days in jail, one year of supervised release, and a fine of $500.

Cudd’s lawyers want the sentence reduced to just the fine because she has a clean record and, after all, entering the building is merely a trespassing offense. The lawyer’s implication is obvious, 75 days in jail is unusually harsh when all things are considered.

The lawyers also went on to explain that when Cudd made the infamous video which was shared online, the one where she was boasting, she had been drinking and did not mean what she was saying. This is at odds with her previous statements, and might not mitigate her sentencing, which is scheduled for March 23rd. She will appear before the U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden.

It will be interesting to see how harsh the law comes down on Cudd compared to some other political activists who had legal funds set up for them by the state, including a fund set up by the current vice president of the United States.

When you have the imprimatur of the veep, it’s hard to conclude that there is equal protection under the law.