DOJ To Target Joe Biden’s Political Enemies Under New “Anti-Authority” Crackdown

( )- In testimony before the Senate on Tuesday, the head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division announced that the DOJ has created a new domestic terrorism unit to address what the Biden Administration claims is an“elevated threat” to American democracy from domestic extremists.

Matthew G. Olsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the FBI has allegedly seen a large uptick in domestic extremism reports and the number of investigations has doubled since 2020.

Olsen said the new domestic terrorism unit will consist of “dedicated attorneys” who will focus on the “domestic terrorism threat.” This unnecessary unit will “augment” the current efforts by the DOJ to combat domestic and international terrorism.

Olsen explained that these so-called “domestic terrorists” are anti-government and anti-authority. Of course, when Olsen says “domestic terrorists,” what he means is “people who are not politically aligned with the Biden administration.”

For four years those who opposed the Trump Administration proudly called themselves “The Resistance.” They were anti-government and anti-authority, but nobody targeted them.

When it came to “The Resistance,” dissent was “patriotic.”

But if you oppose the Biden administration, dissent is “domestic terrorism.”

This is just one more way for the Biden administration to exploit a 3-hour riot at the Capitol to target their political enemies. They’re not forming a “domestic terrorism” unit to investigate the summer of riots from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. BLM and Antifa aren’t the “domestic terrorists” this administration is talking about.

They’re talking about parents protesting at their school boards in opposition to mask mandates and Critical Race Theory.

They’re talking about regular Americans who want to participate in the political process to oppose a deeply unpopular president.

All the things the so-called “Resistance” claimed President Trump would do, Joe Biden is doing. He is singling out his political opponents for investigation and using the full force of the Federal government to do it.

In his opening monologue Thursday, Fox’s Tucker Carlson hammered the Biden administration for creating the mythical threat of conservative “domestic terrorism” as a way to target his political opponents.

Watch Tucker’s monologue HERE.