DOJ That Released 50% Of Portland Rioters Are Arresting Christian Activists Instead

( )- Christians who support life have recently come to the attention of Biden’s Department of Justice. What an ironically named department.

A pro-life Christian dad was publicly humiliated at his Tennessee home in front of his seven children by the same “justice” department that freed at least half of the violent, destructive, and homicidal Portland rioters.

According to a video that his wife recorded, armed FBI agents in unmarked cars arrested a pro-life activist at his home on Wednesday while the wife begged for information about the arrest.

The man’s alleged offense was to study scripture, pray, and sing hymns while seated in a hallway next to an abortion facility.

Paul Vaughn, one of 11 defendants charged with federal offenses, “may face up to 11 years in prison and $350,000 in fines,” according to the newspaper. He is accused of obstructing the entrance of an abortion clinic in March 2021.

The manner in which the heavily-armed FBI approached the home of a non-violent individual was another irritating aspect of this unjust arrest.

They arrived unexpectedly at around 7 a.m. According to Gualberto Garcia Jones, an attorney for the Personhood Alliance, they were beating on the door so loudly that it caused the entire home to tremble. All four FBI agents—two of whom were armed with long guns and two of whom were armed with sidearms—had their weapons drawn. When his wife pulled out the phone, they quickly shifted their attitude from being angry.

You’re not going to tell me anything? she asked. “No, we’re not,” one of the FBI officers retorted as he climbed into his unmarked vehicle.

Vaughn was apparently shackled in the lead vehicle as the agents left the house, despite her repeated requests for information or the names of any of the agents.

James Harden, the president and CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services, reportedly sent FBI surveillance footage and a “mountain of other evidence” quickly after the attack.

Due to building damage, Harden was unable to replicate the footage before delivering it to law enforcement. He filed a lawsuit seeking a judge to order law authorities to send over the video after months went by with no action being taken against the perpetrators