DOJ Sends Legal Response To Donald Trump

( )- The Department of Justice issued what many legal experts called a “compelling” and “masterful” response to a request made by former President Donald Trump that the Supreme Court intervene in the ongoing dispute about the documents that FBI agents seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Apparently, the Supreme Court agreed with those “masterful” arguments, as they rejected Trump’s request to intervene.

Last week, the legal team for Trump filed an emergency request with the high court that urged the justices to allow the special master assigned to the case, Raymond Dearie, to review all 100 documents that were recovered at Trump’s home in Florida.

That was done in response to a federal court of appeals ruling that the DOJ could continue using any classified documents as part of their criminal investigation into Trump. Before then, the judge who is overseeing this case, Aileen Cannon, had ruled that those documents wouldn’t be accessible by the DOJ while Dearie reviewed them.

That ruling is no longer in effect now.

The Supreme Court’s order was just a single sentence, and it didn’t note any dissents in the matter, either. According to The New York Times, there was no rationale given for the decision. The ruling only said Trump’s application to lift the say was being denied.

Despite the Supreme Court having a conservative supermajority of 6-3, and despite Trump personally appointing three of those conservative justices, the former president has not seen favorable decisions from the court recently.

Back in January, the Supreme Court didn’t side with Trump, allowing the release of records the National Archives had about the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. The former president was claiming executive privilege over those documents.

Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas was the only dissent in that ruling. Later on, it emerged that Thomas’ wife, Virginia, sent a number of text messages to members of the Trump administration urging them to ramp up efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Thomas is the justice who handled this latest appeal by Trump, since he’s the justice assigned to oversee the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta. He didn’t make a decision on his own, though, referring it to the full court for its opinion.

The justices were apparently convinced by the compelling argument that the DOJ made in response to Trump’s response. In it, prosecutors wrote Trump didn’t even come close to showing that he’d been “irreparably injured” by the ruling the appeals court handed down. They also wrote he also demonstrated “no plausible claim of privilege or ownership” over those classified documents.

After reviewing the DOJ response, many legal experts took to Twitter to express their amazement at how impressive the response was. Teri Kanefield, a former defense attorney at the appellate division, tweeted that the filing was “extremely well done because Trump was appealing on narrow jurisdictional grounds.”

She wrote:

“They throw in the devastating facts. Trump had no right to possess the documents, the government kept trying to get them back, Trump would lie and say he had none, the government ‘developed evidence’ that he was lying, etc. I like the phrase ‘developed evidence’ … because it must drive Trump crazy not knowing who the rat is.”